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Beware With Your Deadorant

Don't sweat it...


Why do you sweat? It is your body's natural response to overheating, excitement or stress. To cool down, your body automatically releases a fluid from sweat ducts near the skin's surface. This fluid is mainly water, but also contains mineral salts which leave those crusty white rings under the arms on your shirts. However, they also provide food for bacteria, which causes odours. All humans sweat. It is just more obvious means more skin surface - and more sweat glands.


Know Your Weapons

Antiperspirant : Anti perspirants stop sweat temporarily by plugging or sealing sweat pores. The plug is small, harmless and washes away the next time you bathe. (It canalso be removed by excess wetness, so it may bewise to re-apply antiperspirant throughout the day).

Deadorant : Fresh sweat generally does not smell... but it stays on your skin, bacteria on the skin interact with salts and minerals in sweat, and it may begin to smell bad. Eating spice or strong-scented foods like onions can also affect the smell of your sweat.

*A good solution is an antiperspirant with deadorant. The best contain ingredients to reduce wetness plus neutralise the bacterial reaction on the skin which causes the odour.

Huh! Must buy the new one (antiperspirant+deadorant). Babai.

No Sweat (*-*)/

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